Trilce Navarrete is researcher with interest in the historic and economic aspects of digital heritage.

My research is driven by an interest to support evidence based policy to increase the use of digital heritage in our lives. I advocate for the greater E’s: equity, efficiency, and effectiveness in the (re)use of heritage knowledge. I have studied the adoption of computers in museums, archives and libraries from an individual, institutional, national, and international perspective. An important source of inspiration has been the role of knowledge sharing across generations to stimulate innovation. More specifics on my research can be found here.

ORCID iD iconorcid.org/0000-0001-5297-5190

I have actively participated in international communities as speaker, researcher, and organizer. I regularly present at universities, academic meetings and conferences, generally around the subjects of heritage, digital, policy and cultural economics. You can see many presentations here. I have been involved in the monitoring and evaluation of several digital heritage efforts, including the Dutch National Digital Heritage Infrastructure and Europeana. I am co-founder and co-editor of the EconomistsTalkArt.org blog. More recently, we launched the Cultural Economics Online Seminar (CEOS). Past seminars are available in the YouTube channel.

I am available for consultancy work. You can contact me here.

Presentation Digital Collections: meeting the needs of a new generation at Active Collections: V4 Conference (Budapest, 28 April 2018)

As a short cv:


I have a Ph.D. in Humanities from the University of Amsterdam and two M.A. degrees: in Cultural Economics and Cultural Entrepreneurship from the Erasmus University Rotterdam and in Arts and Administration concentration in Museum Studies from the University of Oregon. My B.A. is in Art History from the University of Oregon.

Professional experience:

Currently lecturer at Erasmus University Rotterdam, supporting the Cultural Economics program. Previously, I have worked as Post-Doc at the Department of Business and Economics at the University of Southern Denmark, as lecturer at the University of Amsterdam Media Studies Department, as Project Officer at DEN, and as Project Coordinator at the Oregon Historical Society.

I have been involved in the ViMM project (SC6-CULT-COOP), the RICHES project (FP7-SSH) and the NUMERIC project (FP6 ICT-PSP). Currently part of Citizen Heritage Erasmus+ project.

Memberships include:

I am always interested in exchanging views on the future of our digital heritage. Please feel free to get in touch.

Wiki Gelderland 2018 Foto-Ten Bruge


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