Love story: Amstel and Ij

I am fascinated by the play of words and sounds: Amstel and I, and ei, and eye, and Ij. Where the two rivers meet, a city was born: Amsterdam.

Nuestra Señora de Amsteldam

Virgen of AmsteldamAcrylic on canvas, 40×80, 2001.

Love Story: el Amstel y el Ij

SummerAcrylic on canvas, 100×100, 2008-2012.

The great Ij: Amsterdam and Haarlem

The Great IjAcrylic on canvas, 70×80, 2013.

Little remains of the great Ij. Ruigoord used to be surrounded by water, now is surrounded by the Amsterdam industrial area. Amsterdam and Haarlem were linked with a canal, designed for horses pulling the cargo. This resulted a more reliable form of transportation in the 1600s, as the roads were often flooded during rainy season.

Variations on a theme: the Amstel and the Ij

Acrylic on canvas, various sizes, 2010-2012.

The Amsterdam City Archive commissioned a wonderful video showing the building of the canals rings in the 1600s.



Acrylic on canvas, 50×100, 2010.


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