I paint to capture light and stories through colour. Most of my work is deeply rooted in studies of history and mythology. My work was exhibited regularly from 1995 through 2004 in the U.S. and Mexico. New exhibits await…



Watercolor on paper, 5x7in, 1995.

I have worked on the following series:

The Church and the City

The City and the Church

Love story: Amstel and Ij (see more)

Opera under the sea (see more)

Naturals (see more)

Immortal deities (see more)

Dia de los Muertos (see more)

Ni Una Mas

Artist statement:

I am fascinated by light, by color and by stories. My work has been influenced by the places I have lived in and the people I have met. First, a series of mothers, children and birth was nurtured by my travels in Italy and by my work with midwifes. Second, an interest in myths, traditions, and history informed a series of portraits of timeless characters across cultures. This is linked to the Day of the Death (Día de los Muertos) from Mexico, which has caused a reflection on a number of costumes, believes and traditions. Third, my current place of residence, Amsterdam in the Netherlands, has become a great source of inspiration –linguistically, cartographically and purely painterly. And fourth, music. These four themes, motherhood, history/tradition/myth, Amsterdam and music continue to provide ample space for discovery.

My latest series is about the architecture of Amsterdam.

I paint generally with acrylic on canvas. I followed colour theory, watercolour courses and drawing courses with Analee Fuentes in the early 1990s, the rest I have allowed my self to explore.


2003: All Women’s Show. River Gallery. Oregon USA.

2002: La Muerte de Hoy. Cornelius Cultural Center, Oregon USA. Solo exhibit.

2002: Día de los Muertos. Interstate Firehouse Cultural Center. Oregon USA.

2001: Día de los Muertos. Hult Center for the Performing Arts. Oregon USA.

2001: Just Like Us. Maude Kerns Art Center. Oregon USA.

2000: Women in AAA. Laverne Krause Gallery. Oregon USA.

1999: Mujeres. Lane County Historical Museum. Oregon USA. Solo exhibit.

1999: El Color de la Tierra. Asamblea Legislativa del Distrito Federal. Mexico. Solo exhibit.

1999: Oregon Artists. New Zone Gallery. Oregon USA.

1999: Amigos de los Sobrevivientes. United Lutheran Church. Oregon USA.

1998: Women. Peace Health Medical Group. Oregon USA.

1997-1999: Día de los Muertos. Yearly exhibit. Oak Hill School. Oregon USA. Solo exhibit.

1997: Road Movie. Laverne Krause Gallery. Oregon USA.

1996-2000: Fiesta Latina Exhibit. Washington Jefferson Park. Oregon USA.

1996: Latin American Night. Hult Center for the Performing Arts. Oregon USA.

1995: Latin Art show. Art Attack. Oregon USA.

1995: Chicano Explosion. University of Oregon. Oregon USA.

1995: Día de los Muertos. Maude Kerns Art Center. Oregon USA.

1995: Emergent Artists. Phoenix Gallery. Oregon USA.


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