Immortal deities

Surprisingly (or not), god-like personalities can be matched across cultures and times.

Diosas tejiendo: la historia del universo

TejedorasAcrylic on canvas, 18x24in, 1996. Private collection.

Ixchel, goddess of the moon (love, medicine, pregnancy and weaving) weaves The Universe -pattern where the individual is in perfect harmony with the cosmos. Xochiquetzal, goddess of love, beauty, fertility, and protector of weavers, watches over her.


CuarauperiAcrylic on canvas, 9x12in, 1997. Private collection.

Goddess of birthing, mother and father of all terrestrial gods, symbol of duality found in life and death. Associated with fertility and rain in Purepecha mythology. Here depicted as Demeter, goddess of harvest in Greek mythology, flanked by corn.


XochiquetzalAcrylic on canvas, 16×20, 1996.

Goddess of love, beauty, flowers and fertility. Associated with the arts, protects and inspires creativity, particularly of weavers and painters. Mexican mythology, counterpart of Aphrodite in Greek mythology.

Annunciation: no morira la flor de la palabra

AnnunciationAcrylic on canvas, 16x20in, 1999.

The Annunciation has been depicted across time to represent an important message being given by angel Gabriel to Mary. Following the tradition, attributes are included to represent purity (white gladiolas) and the holy spirit (conch shell), though here the message transferred is placed within a human rights context (Cuarta Declaracion de la Selva Lacandona).


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